David Girard Vineyards is nestled in the Sierra foothills near where the south fork of the American River  gave up its gold in 1849. At an elevation of some 1,200 feet soil, temperature and conditions combine to provide an environment ideally suited to growing the premier grape varietals of southern France's Rhône valley.

Twenty years ago we started with little more than good earth, a tolerance for risk and a willingness to learn from our mistakes. Since then we have turned some pretty good grapes into some pretty good wine. But we have also been mindful that a great result is not always the promised reward for hard work. We have been fortunate.

We call our endeavor David Girard Vineyards rather than David Girard Winery for a reason. For us there is no premium wine without a premium vineyard. Today David Girard Vineyards is widely known for the superior quality of its estate grown grapes. More, the winery has established a solid reputation for excellence and value by producing Rhône style wines in the heart of one of California's most historic regions.



David Girard Vineyards - A Family Enterprise - Children and Dogs Welcome